Browser issue XenForo Flash Player Crash


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Ever since the move to XenForo we've been getting hundreds of reports reporting that Flash Player is only crashing on XenForo.

Is there a way we can disble Flash? This was reported several times in Bug Reports but it is keep being marked as not a bug, but, it's only happening on our site. :(. It's also happening on other XenForo forums I visit as well and our members are.

Chris D

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XenForo only uses Flash Player for one thing, and that's the upload button.

Are you sure it's flash you're talking about?

Digital Doctor

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Adobe Flash crashes all the time. It sucks. Many sites and programs crash my Adobe Flash (regardless of OS or browser). I have 20+ PCs and Flash is a common culprit in crashes. Hurry up HTML5 !

I episodically lose the [Upload a file] button on from Flash crashing.
It certainly doesn't crash often, and it used to crash alot more.

That being said, I *LOVE* Xenforo's Flash uploader implementation. Puts every other forum to shame.