Fixed  XenForo.FieldAdder/XenForo.PollAddResponseButton


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So I've been snooping around XenForo's JavaScript files and noticed that xenforo.js has 'XenForo.FieldAdder', which is supposed to clone form fields, and then in poll.js I see 'XenForo.PollAddResponseButton', which is supposed to perform the same functionality as XenForo.FieldAdder, only for the poll response fields.

I don't see anywhere in the code where FieldAdder would be used. Is there any reason to have two different functions that seem to do the same thing? I would think you would want to keep it more generic (e.g., FieldAdder) rather than area-specific (e.g., PollAddResponseButton).


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I remember doing this... I'll look back at the code and let you know why.


The fieldadder is used in the acp to add the captcha answers;)