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Xenforo & Design Champion needed

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by madflow, May 21, 2015.

  1. madflow

    madflow New Member

    Dear Community,

    We're looking forward to find an "Xenforo Professional" who can help us making a serious Page.

    Our plans/ideas:
    • buying a clear and on topic Xenforo design (I think it's called Template)
    • creating a new logo or customize our logo (we'll discuss about that if you contact me)
    • setup the template according to our (new) logo (ofc also according to our color)
    • consulting in Plug-Ins (which plug-ins are needed for us according to our plans)
    • installation of needed plug-ins and setup of them

    Additional to this/Second Step:
    • Security topics
    • As soon as possible

    Xenforo is already installed, and a template buyed. May if you have a better template, we're able to switch it, ofc.

    Please send me a PM with some references and your quote a price.

    Looking forward to find our Xenforo Pro :).

    Kind regards,

    ps. Sorry for english mistakes, we're from germany.

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