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Chris D

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There are no plans to offer a resale service for licenses and the purchase of a cloud subscription is an entirely separate type of purchase, not linked to existing licenses in anyway.

That said, given there is no longer a single transfer limit for licenses, there are fewer barriers in place and you shouldn't have any issue privately re-selling your license if necessary and you would be able to contact us to transfer that to the new owner.


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You can see the appeal for those who simply want a vanilla turnkey solution, it would be interesting to know the plan for hardware and dedicated VSPs and pricing tiers. One assumes XF is putting a lot of thought into what the hardware for all of this will take, we all know what it's like being on an overloaded host.

However, I would say there are easily a dozen addons I couldn't do without and until that becomes an option it could really be limiting those who would want to go this route. In the end it's not hard for a non-tech savvy board owner to employ someone to set it up on a VPS for $40 or $50 a month and then have all the control they want as admins.


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I just hope it does not take any energy away from the development of the XF forum software.

That said getting a forum started was much harder than I thought so it could be good for newbies.

Pawn Studios

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What would be really awesome is if the XenForo Cloud page had a "Self Host" section that contains open source Terraform (and other) scripts for the most popular cloud providers. So that way people self hosting have access to minimal setup forum deploy scripts. If open source it could be maintained by XenForo and the community in tandem.

Then the goal of making it easier for customers to deploy XenForo is reached for both those looking for managed and self hosted solutions.