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  1. scskmg

    XF 2.3 Cloud upgrade 2.2.16>2.3.0 to later desired date still possible?

    As an FX Cloud customer, I have changed the desired date for the major upgrade (2.3) to August 2024 in the settings (customer portal). Reason: For professional reasons, I have very little time for customization work in the coming weeks. Should I set the update area to the same date (?) -...
  2. betageek

    WordPress on Xenforo Cloud

    I'm looking to opt for Xenforo Cloud. Is it possible to host WordPress on it? Like main site on root domain, and xenforo on a directory, all on Xenforo Cloud. I don't want to use a sub-domain for blog/xenforo.
  3. ChadCLund

    Azure Container for Forum Images

    I thought I read somewhere before subscribing to XenForo cloud that it had the ability to connect to my Azure Container for my forum images. 1. Is this for the media pages? 2. Can I use this your images attached to threads? If so, where do I find this setting? (I have looked around in the admin...
  4. alternadiv

    XenForo Cloud discussion

    https://xenforo.com/community/threads/announcing-xenforo-cloud.195085/ I didn’t see this coming. What do you guys think?
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