xenforo and mod_pagespeed


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This may not be a xenforo issue but here goes.

On my test server I had xenforo up and running just fine. I installed the apache mod_pagespeed and now i am having trouble with the editor text box not appearing in:

1) new reply and more options area
2) new thread

The title box appears but no text editor box appears making it impossible to reply or start a new thread.

Has anyone else installed mod_pagespeed?

Is everything working fine for you?


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Thanks for the quick responce.
I do have firebug but i dont see any errors. In what part of firebug would these be displayed?


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The console portion of Firebug -- or you can check Firefox's "error console" (under the tools menu). I'm just looking for JS errors.


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Confirmed. With mod_pagespeed module enabled, I'm getting all sorts of weird editor issues such as:-
  • Smilie problems on tablets - not working
  • Editor sometimes doesn't show
  • On a desktop, when you backspace in an empty editor it increases the overall height of the editor by one line. When you start typing, the height of the editor reduces by one for each character you press
I think it would be awesome to come up with a way to make mod_pagespeed friendly with xenforo because it cut my render speed by almost half - I had a 98% score, A rating for my site. I'm sure making it compatible would be mainly editing the mod_pagespeed config.

Is anyone up for experimenting and tweaking I wonder.... :)