XenForo 2 specific thread prefix


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I think it's a good idea to distinguish XenForo 2-only suggestions here, as we have to write XF 2.0 before our thread titles.

Chris D

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Actually no suggestion is specific to any version. You can suggest what you like and put an XF2 prefix on it, it doesn't mean it's going to make it into XF2.

We are of course listening to feedback and based on that we are and will be making changes.

If you have some feedback that is specific to XF2 you should post it on the demo. If that is a bit more involved it may be something we can consider for the future but there's no guarantee it will make it into 2.0.

I've been routinely removing any "XF2" self prefixes from Suggestions at XF.com. We're reading all feedback and suggestions so all you need to do is post it and we will decide what we're going to do with it and when.

Digital Doctor

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The prefix is about users finding suggestions.
It is weird not to divide the suggestions between xf1 and 2 as the suggestions usually ONLY relate to one version.

XF2 suggestions need their own subfroum.

Some people might want to read the suggestions others have for XF2.

A better place / method for XF2 suggestions has been requested many times.


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While that may be true for certain specific suggestions, it's absolutely not true for the majority of suggestions. If you look at the first page of suggestions right now, they are almost all unrelated to a specific version. The ones that might be related to XF2 are actually feedback on changes that have been made (which are far from final) and would probably be more beneficial to note on the demo site.