XF 2 Paid: Hiring REST API Xenforo 2 addon.


Hello! I'm looking to hire a trusted and reliable xenforo 2 developer who can recreate this https://builtbybit.com/wiki/ultimate-api/ this system basically allows sellers on the resource marketplace to automate their license generations by using the REST API provided on that site. I want the exact same thing done on my site and recreated, A public open-source repo has been published here: https://github.com/BuiltByBit/js-api-wrapper that includes a lot of what I want created. On my personal website community, I have a resource marketplace where developers can list/sell resources but the biggest complaint I've been getting is they can't automate their license generation when a sale is done on my marketplace, This rest API system above should give the ability for developers to automatic their licensing systems by using REST API we provide.

I am willing to pay to have this created, I don't have the deepest pockets so please quote me a fair price structure. This should be done as an Xenforo 2 addon if it's possible. Please send me a direct message with how much this would cost and the timeframe to create it.
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