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Mike C

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Hey guys,

I know that we are still in beta, but I thought I would take this time to learn the templates a bit. There are some inconsistencies with this theme, I am completely aware. There are things that are hard coded (lots of them actually) that would take another entire day just to make everything look completely uniform as I would normally do.

That said, this theme is 100% useable. I probably won't do anything to this until we get a little bit further in fixing the styling errors that I am concerned about such as the @imagePath variable, hard coded gradients in themes, and other things. If it is something reasonable that I can change (i.e NOT the editor :p), I don't mind doing it quick.

I hope you guys like this. PSD for the logo included. The font is not, you will have to substitute if you do not have it.

Live Demo

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Mike C

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Everyone, thank you very much!

Any chance of an orange version,replacing the blue?

Travis, I am going to try to release them in 2 color options but I was going to wait until the stable release or "Gold" is I believe what developers call it. But Ill definitely get an orange/yellow one done for sure. Maybe orange/red

How the heck did you do that in such short time :D real nice. I wish i could do things like that.

Lad, it just takes practice. I can code an entire site blindfolded. (That's a complete dramatic lie)


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I love it, sir! +1

I seem to get an error with this skin. I know it has to do with the default blue header that goes across the top, so I'd have to say it has to do with XenForo rather than your template as you want that part to be NULL (transparent).