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[XenConcept] User Activity [Paid] 2.2.1

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Do you have an example?

I still have my vB forum operational on my laptop (with plugins removed), so I could take a screen shot of the feature:

vb look.jpg

However, I did have a plug in that would allow you to click the "63" above, or the number of people who viewed the thread, and then a window would open with a list of all of those readers but in chronological order, last reader at the top.

This was VERY useful as I could tell when someone read the thread, if it was recent or a while ago, without hovering over each name. If you could do this as well, that would make this add on GREAT!!


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I just found this add-on but is this not possible in stock XF? For example, in a thread, forum, or other area, at the bottom, to see who is currently viewing it? I thought this was standard for most forums, but if it needs this add-on so be it. Just curious thanks!