XenCake - a Celebration


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Not a cake eater... meh. Actually don't eat any desserts. Looks lovely though (y)

You don't eat desserts!!! -:cautious: :eek::censored:o_O:unsure::(

The voice however...



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The cake is 2 x 23cm (9inch) chocolate sponges in four layers, with a Kaluha syrup and the filling is Kaluha Chocolate Mousse, as per a suggestion by jadmperry(who gave us all wonderful legal insight during the whole ordeal!) The cake was covered in two layers of dark chocolate ganache, before I applied two layers of fondant. It weighed around 3kg (6.61 lb) not including the stars and figurine.

Overall the Kaluha taste is pretty subtle, my son and I removed the fondant off the cake before eating a slice as we don't like it :p (which is fine to do Fred, no one likes fondant!) It has a very rich chocolate taste, is deliciously moist, soft and yummy. Rich though, you can't eat much! :D

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Glad you are all enjoying the cake, wish you could all try a bit!

Awesome that you took my suggestion. Yummy!

And, yes, your voice on the video was a great treat, too!


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You still owe me a sushi cake :mad:.

One day :p

Meanwhile this will have to do you... pretend I made it for you instead of someone else :p


The results were conclusive. (y)

:X3: Gosh

Lobster Tempura Roll (Sushi).

YUM!!! Now that is a perfect post for the Food Pr0n thread ;) *hint hint*

I hope you made the xenforo cake responsive? Does it get bigger when required to feed more people :)

LOL - Funny :D I'm good.... but not THAT good ;)