Designing a celebratory/promotional contest (1,000,000 post milestone)

Live Free

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I'm moving to XF in a few days for my site that is approaching 1,000,000 posts. After the move I plan to launch a promotional contest to celebrate the milestone and give back to the community, but also increase forum activity.

I've given a lot of thought to this, but I'd love new ideas and possible solutions to make this more effective.

Right now I'm primarily thinking about giving away many small prizes and a few larger prizes randomly to members who meet certain criteria, such as following us on social media, logging in on a particular day, posting within a certain post-span (within 5000 posts before the milestone), and through writing articles, and adding resources to our RM manager.

Awarding prizes randomly to social media and to members posting in a particular timeframe shouldn't be too difficult (though I'd still appreciate thoughts on it).

However, awards for articles/resources/posts/etc are more challenging. What do you think of this model?

Members earn X points for each approved resource, Y points for each article, etc. The points would then be compiled and a random generator would select the prize winner (odds would increase based on members contributions).

My question is: is there a practical way to go about this? Is there an addon that could easily accomplish this?

Additionally, I'd would absolutely love opinions on the effectiveness of a contest modeled around this design and ideas for a better contest that would garner more participation.

My forum is a creative writing community, and my main goals with this contest are to give back to the community as a celebration of reaching this milestone and to boost activity and build community resources/content.