Xen-TR Who Has Visited

Xen-TR Who Has Visited 2.6.0

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Good luck on your exams!

We appreciate that you made them in the first place, and that you will update them at all :)


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Thanks for the update - I'm just in the process of upgrading all my forums to XF 1.2.1 so the timing couldn't have been any better. (y)


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Thanks for updating! :)

Will you also make it compatible with [bd] Widget Framework 2.3.5 ?

You can call the Who Has Visited template from this add-on via the Widget Framework already - just create a new widget, select [Advanced] Template (without wrapper) and call the template xen_tr_com_who_has_visited.

See it on the sidebar here: http://www.entertainmentchat.net/

ACP view:

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Mine isn't showing all users. I haven't been shown at all. I have other members that I know are posting and they are not being shown as well. Any ideas why that is?