{xen:raw $contents} ?


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Hello, I'm new to Xenforo and have been trying to learn how the code works inside templates so I can edit a style I bought to better suit my forum.

I'm trying to move certain parts of the index page to right above the footer and I've found the code that moves it is in the template PAGE_CONTAINER and the code is a one line called {xen:raw $contents}. Although I can move that line and it does exactly what I want in the index page, moving it causes problems in other pages (when viewing a thread and possibly more) .

My question is where can I find where xen:raw is getting the code for "$contents" from ? I've done many template searches looking for specific code based on chrome's inspector but I only find that code in it's own template and not in the index page template (PAGE_CONTAINER). Like I mentioned I'm pretty new to how xen's code works so please go easy on me if I'm looking at this the wrong way.

(by the way I checked the conditionals resource and couldn't find anything related to xen:raw) :(..

Thanks for any help!


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{xen:raw $contents} - is variable dependent from ControllerPublic, if page is index, then is forum controller, if page is forum, then is again forum controller, if page is thread is thread controller. Controller result will be included in $contents