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XEN or XF? This is the Question!

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by KURTZ, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    Hello folks, let's talking about these acronyms ...

    what i need to know is fundamentally, what's the better 'prefix' between these 2 for my website (very soon i'll start one with WP installed for the italian crowd).

    I know that a big part of this community has chosen XENsomething and not XFsomething, so i'm wondering about this ... why?

    and also, i wanna know what's the better TLD for these sites ... i mean for the italian crowd will be better mysite.it or mysite.com, how google handles this things?


    i.e. Google search:
    xen vs xf (and xenforo)
  2. Kier

    Kier XenForo Developer Staff Member

    XF is more specific to XenForo, but Xen is easier to say.

    We actually use both abbreviations within the code, mostly dependent upon whether you are likely to say the word...

    So for example, our database table prefix is xf_, but when you reference our options registry in the templates you talk to {$xenOptions}
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  3. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    It just sounds nice, a mod for xenForo being called I dunu xenStore sounds better than XFstore... don't you think? As Kier said XF is more specific but domains are oftern talked about speech not just text so I always think how they sound... Same reason I always avoid - (hyphen) in domain names... xen hyphen store dot com sounds horrible... and some people don't know what a hyphen is so then you end up saying things like xen dash store dot com... instead of just xen store dot com
  4. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    Indeed Cezz ... i understood and agree with you ... but what about google? mine was (also) a technical question ... :)
  5. CBI Web

    CBI Web Well-Known Member

    How true! I once spoke to a guy who, when I said "hyphen", thought I was talking about that part of the female anatomy that she loses the first time she has sex! :eek:

    (Yeah yeah, I know, it can be lost for other reasons as well; let's move on....)
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  6. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    .it is better for a national oriented website, .com is better for an international oriented website, it's that simple. Google really doesn't care.
  7. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    so if i've xen.it or xen.com it's the same thing for google.it or google.com? or for google.it will be better xen.it?
  8. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    SEO wise google does increase the rankings of local domains, so xen.it would rank better on google.it than on google.com but marginality... if your site is targeted specifically towards Italians then use .it otherwise use .com.
  9. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Give me proof of the statement that local domains get more PR, there is no differentiation for domain extensions, this is a myth.
  10. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member

    Didn't say anything about PR, but as for positioning it is fact local domains position higher on local google searches.

    wereadit.co.uk is 5th in that list...

    wereadit.co.uk is 1st in that list...
  11. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Oh I thought pr. Yeah for the same query (domain name) they think co.uk sites are more suitable for the uk audience. But then again, my .com ranks higher than any dutch .nl site for the same keywords. So high pr will still be an important and deciding factor.
  12. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

  13. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    sounds interesting ... i think that we need something to compare these things ... so would be better and higher PR or would be better and higher position in the 'domestic' engine?
  14. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    You have to look at it this way: if a big website/company is active in multiple countries, it will have a local version of the site in every one of those countries (co.uk, .it, .nl ...). If a user in Italy then searches for the domain, they will get the .it version first, if a user in the UK searches for that domain they will get the co.uk version first. Google is just trying to show the correct version of website for the local user.

    This doesn't mean you always have to pick the local domain. If you are registering a domain that is not yet registered in other countries, you might as well pick a .com, .org or any other. It depends on your goal for the website. Again, internationally oriented = English speaking or visitors from more than one country = .com, .org. Nationally oriented = local language or visitors mostly from one country = .it, .nl, .co.uk.
  15. RickM

    RickM Well-Known Member

    Sorry but that is not correct.

    Lets say there was a xenforo.com and a xenforo.co.uk

    If I go to Google.co.uk and type XenForo, I will be presented with the most relevant website. It's got nothing to do with the domain extension, its to do with the popularity and relevence of the website.

    A prime example is Apple. Apple (computer company) own apple.com. Another unrelated company own Apple.co.uk. Googling 'Apple' on the UK site comes up with the .com domain. The .co.uk domain is 9th in the list.

    Even if you specifically select 'pages from the UK' it still shows apple.com at the top of the results.
  16. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Like I said, it depends on the PR. You are right that PR can be more important than extension.

    Of course the official site is always going to rank higher than some amateuristic site.
  17. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

    http://www.xf.com/ i got a kick out of this....

    I would say xen as there is 1/3 the amount of results for it than the 99 million results returned when querying xf and maybe I'm wrong here but that's three times the domains your fighting with for front page visibility. I'm not an expert on making sites visible as most of my sites are very private but this is my stated reasoning for my logic
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  18. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    so if I understood correctly, you opinion is that xen is better that xf ... right?
  19. Ruven

    Ruven Well-Known Member

    Is it XF or xF?

    Ive been using xF because if you look at the logo its spelled xenForo not XenForo.
  20. James

    James Well-Known Member

    An ongoing debate :p
    Officially, the software is XenForo (see the footer) but the logo is xenForo for aesthetic reasons :)

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