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I've read through a lot of posts about sitemap errors and still kind of stuck on this one. I have A LOT of urls on my site and seems like Google doesn't like it for some reason. I've read that some people had success by lowering the number of urls per sitemap. *I'm using xenforo's automatic sitemap url btw. I don't see any issues with accessibility. Tried individual sitemaps (the sub-sitemaps if you will) on some SEO checkers and they can access them fine. Google does recognize the parent /sitemap.php file but after it lists the sub-sitemaps they say these individual sub-sitemaps can't be fetched.

This post states that we can edit Builder.php to limit the number of urls per sitemap. Any idea where and how to edit this? https://xenforo.com/community/threads/better-sitemap-magement.182623/post-1445597

** Ok so I found it at /src/XF/Sitemap

const MAX_FILE_ENTRIES = 50000;

Is it ok just to edit this code? How do I implement the changes after editing the number?
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