RM 1.2 xen:description customization question



I'm trying to generate custom ' html meta description' tags for RM resource_view subpages (Overview = main page, Updates, Reviews).

Meta description is generated by <xen:description> tag. It's found in resource_view template, it makes 'resource short description' a meta tag value for all resource subpages.

For subpages Updates, Reviews there are templates resource_updates and resource_reviews, inside them we see custom <xen:title> values. By analogy, I'm trying to redefine <xen:description> in these templates. like this:


<xen:if is="{$resource.resource_category_id} == 1">
    <xen:description>...some pattern for category 1..</xen:description>
<xen:elseif is="in_array({$resource.resource_category_id}, array(2, 3, 4))"/>
    <xen:description>...some pattern for categories 2,3,4...</xen:description>

It doesn't work - 'meta description' remains the default one for reviews and updates tabs. Looks like first definition cancels all future ones. Is it true? Should I think about different approach when xen:description is defined only once in a template tree?
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