XF 1.4 Basic customization question

Greetings. Sorry in advance for such a basic question but I've been trying to resolve this for too long and it's one of the last things I need to sort out before I can launch my forums. Spoiler is what it looks like now:
That's how the index looks at the moment (the images I used for the background and header logo belong to the company that makes the game and I have their written permission to use them. I'll be paying someone to make better text to go next to the logo, I realize it looks silly).

I've spent the past couple of hours trying to change the color of the forum links, and I've failed miserably. The links stay blue no matter what.

A couple of screenshots showing the settings I'm trying to use below (so hopefully someone can tell me if I'm simply editing the wrong thing):

Obviously I'm missing something, I just can't figure out what. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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