Can't fix Wysiwyg editor paste/undo issue

Luke F

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I know this is a TinyMCE issue but perhaps it could be fixed anyway.

When pasting content into a message, if ctrl+z/undo is then used the expected behaviour would be to remove the pasted content. In reality, the entire line of text on which the pasted content resides is removed, sometimes resulting in complete loss of a post.

As so much text is pasted with unexpected formatting in TinyMCE, undo directly after pasting has become a fairly automatic move. Due to this, I experience this issue on a pretty much daily basis on XenForo forums.

Luke F

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Actually undo doesn't work as expected regardless of the issue with pasting. Normally undo removes text in steps, but here it removes the entire line always.

Digital Doctor

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Have these issues been reported on the TinyMCE forums ?
If you link to the known bugs, then maybe people here could voice their interest in getting these bugs fixed.


XenForo developer
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I think this is mostly as designed on TinyMCE's part. First, it looks like TinyMCE's undo states are tracked based on line breaks, along with a bunch of other events (including some mouse interaction and command execution).

Generally, when I paste, everything works out ok. Though if I'm pasting what seems like inline content, I can occasionally reproduce the issue. I'm not sure if this is down to the paste command/event not being fired (as it's not triggered in all browsers consistently).

Digital Doctor

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I wonder if it would be useful to Prefix this as TinyMCE to track the number of issues related to TinyMCE.
It would also serve as a way of people finding the editor issues easier, so they don't keep reporting the same problem.