Attempting to type after inserting an attachment in WYSIWYG editor - sometimes cannot move cursor past insert


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Encountered an issue here in the community forum. Using the WYSIWYG editor, I would insert an attachment image via CTRL+V. The image would load, but then if you move back to the text above immediately to, say, make a correction or insert a different image, when you attempt to go back to the end of the post to resume writing, you cannot go beyond the line immediately preceding the inserted attachment. The only way to proceed is to turn off the visual editor, type something beyond the attachment, then turn it back on. Not sure why you can't use the arrow keys or mouse to just select the end of the post, past the attachment?

Steps to reproduce
  1. Type something in a post quick reply with live BBcode rendering (visual editor) on
  2. Insert an attachment image with CTRL+v from your clipboard at the end of your post
  3. use your up arrow key to move above the attachment
  4. attempt to use the down arrow key to move below the attachment
Expected Result
Your text cursor goes past the attachment and allows you to type something after it

Actual Result
You are trapped on the side of the post before the attachment was inserted.
I think we have a similar bug report already.

Which browsers (and on which OSes) are affected by this?
Seems to only be an issue on Firefox. Also, slight correction on the version as I think it just updated this morning. Confirmed occurring on Firefox 113.0.1. Windows full version is Windows 11 Pro 22H2, build 22621.1702
I've also had this bug reported to me and I can replicate it on these forums exactly as described in the OP.

Windows 10 Home 22H2 19045.2965, Firefox 113.0.2
Froala sucks... maybe time to migrate the script to CKEDitor... at least with it, if your developers allow it, with the older versions, you could even extend it with CKE add-ons.
Froala was a big improvement over Redactor at the time it was adopted.. but it's currently pooping all over itself.
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