XF 1.4 Wrong users count after importing from phpBB

Hello there! This is my first post :)

I have successfully converted an old phpBB 3.0 forum to Xenforo. Well, almost. All seems to be OK: forums, threads, posts, users... but the original forum had around 131.069 users and now Xenforo shows "13.539" in the Statistics block. If I go to the users table, I see 131.131 rows, so it seems that the users are there, really.
That's fast, thank you.

Well, that's something I was wondering about just now. I'm taking a look at user groups and it seems that the majority of users have been migrated with no groups assigned at all.

Is there a way to set all users as valid and registered users (excluding banned users)? Seems like a solomonic and practical solution.
Thank you! I've been messing around with that tool and I'm afraid it's not that easy. I was confusing primary and secondary groups; in fact, every user I'm checking seems to be registered (primary group) & valid.

Do you know exactly what kind of users are excluded from the statistics count, apart from banned ones?


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The total user count is literally:
user_state = 'valid' AND is_banned = 0
So one of those must not be the case for most users.