Worth it yet?

Are there any substantial bugs that have been uncovered as of yet?
I see there are no style submissions yet but I'm itching to upgrade.

Anyone whose upgraded, has it been worth it or better to wait a bit longer?

Thanks guys!


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I'm not even going to bother upgrading to 2.0 until 2.1 comes out. 2.0 was just a feature parity of 1.0. Any of the newer 2.0 features that have come with 2.0, just isn't enough to warrant an upgrade for me.


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The developers will strongly recommend that you don't upgrade your live forums until the software is deemed "stable".

Beta software is for testing. Upgrade your test site and have a play. Report any bugs you find.


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Funnily enough, after quite a few months of testing the developer previews, I think the base software is actually quite stable now and most remaining bugs are either minor or edge cases.

However, if you use any of the official addons, these have only just been made publicly available and have not been tested widely yet - so there will be quite a few issues found in the next few weeks.

Similarly, any 3rd party addons you use will need to be rebuilt and tested, which could take some time - so I wouldn't be rushing yet anyway.


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I will upgrade my live forum in a few days. Waiting for fixing a bug related (or maybe unrelated, not sure for now) with rm.
Have a question/s...I am about to purchase for a new start. From what understand I shouldn't go for ver.2 and wait because it will be easy to upgrade when it's ready for release. Hopefully as easy for me is one click :) In also noticed we are good for one yr after purchase but seen the same question asked approx 7 months ago :)

Now my questions when I purchase don't do any addons because they will not be good for ver 2 correct?

Does this also mean don't do any custom work/CSS eg...like colors/logos/header eg... because they will not transfer either. Haven't got that far on what we can change...



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Now my questions when I purchase don't do any addons because they will not be good for ver 2 correct?
Official XF addons will be fully supported, so those ones are okay. You'd need to check 3rd party addons on a case-by-case basis.

However, if you're starting from scratch and don't have a large existing community who will join your new site as soon as it's launched, why not just launch with XF 2.0 beta 3+?

Yes, there may be things that don't work perfectly yet - but most of those will be fairly minor and it won't have much impact for a newer community without much traffic yet. The software gets more stable with every release (currently weekly) - so it's going to keep improving as you work to grow the community.

It's not as if the beta software fundamentally doesn't work - it has been running here on xenforo.com for quite a while now. Any issues you come across will be fairly minor.

I wouldn't recommend upgrading an existing large community yet - nor would I use it in a corporate environment yet - but for a new community without much traffic, I think you'll get away with it and it will save you a heap of time because you can start doing themes/CSS changes now and not have to re-do it again shortly.


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I see there are no style submissions yet but I'm itching to upgrade.

Anyone whose upgraded, has it been worth it or better to wait a bit longer?
It is recommended that you don't upgrade your live forum to 2.0. Remember this is just a beta! You should though, test out the upgrade process and start to get ready on a test enviroment.
I am using it on live forum, though my forum is new but the xF2 pull registration of member to more than 1300 in just 3 weeks.

So far no huge errors reported by user.

I dont wish to go back to xF1.5.

xF to is a master piece with god like creation for forum, Users love the appearance, creating thread in forum view and lot.

hope it get stable release soon.

This is best for me because i dont use any addon (my site is new and have not purchased addons of 1.5, so i am in + points, I am waiting for addon releases for xF 2.xx, it will be fun to play with them for doing a basic modification for increasing user performance like i am using founding members, thread tittle in first post and node icon - i only look for the addons which can increase the publicity)

This is my honest review.

xF to is Supreme power in terms of forum software, no one can beat it.

Its like god created a system for us to live with it (just like how he make a system of rebirth in us)

After all its your decision either you choose to be on it or not.

God only show the direction we need to choose which way we need to go, we are responsible for all our actions and not creator.

Issue i face -

its related to SEO - as my site is new i dont know what exactly causing a problem and i dont know much about coding.

so far i learn google bots crawling whole site without restriction which showing crawler errors of 403, 404.

i am now trying to control with robots.txt

hope soon will able to index my site (this may not be issue of xF2, i already made thread for getting paid help for doing seo for my site)
My site is under maintenance and will not launch for some time.Therefore I am good to test new version. TY everyone for the input. I heard some awesome things about the creators and XenForo. Glad I added it on my reseacrh list :)

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Wow! This has to be some sort of a world record for a new website with almost no search engine presence ... :cool: As if a whole sleeping populace woke from a long slumber to find your website.

Great going!
All the best!


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yes now it have 1941 registered members

to get members we should have quality content too.

But in order to make them registered and make them fall in love with it, we should have a great UI which xenforo provides (to become a month old site, still 8 more days to go, i started website on 7th Sept 17)
I, too, would love to visit your forum. That is awesome that you got so many ppl to join in such a short amount of time. Is there some magic involved? Is it because your launch date has a couple of sevens in it? )))