Add-on Wordpress Woo Commerce Xenforo Plugin?

Do you think it would be possible to create a plugin that integrates with Woo Commerce and the new Woo Commerce Membership Plug and a Xenforo Forum?

Right now I am using Digital Access Pass to lock down a Members Forum but I would rather not use DAP.

Is it possible to create a plugin that would integrate with Woo Commerce and Xenforo.

The path would be the customer buys a monthly recurring membership with Woo Commerce Membership and Woo Commerce Subscription and then they are logged into Wordpress and also registered and automatically logged into a Xenforo forum.

Is it possible to bridge between Woo Commerce and Xenforo?

How long would it take to create a plugin like that?



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Is it possible? Yes
How long will it take? Quite sometime.

Good news Craig is I'd be willing to help you form some type of crowd funding project if you want to develop something as I would also like this mod for future projects down the road.
I don't have time for a crowd funding project.

I was hoping to have this plugin created in a week or two.

Is anyone able to create a plugin like this in 7 days?

More detailed description.

I would like you to create a Wordpress plugin that integrates with Woo Commerce, Woo Commerce's new Membership plugin and Woo Commerce Subscription plugin.

The Woo Commerce plugin creates an account for them in Wordpress.

Here is what I would like the plugin you create to do.

When a customer purchases a monthly membership plan I would like the plugin to register them in a Xenforo Forum with the same user name and password as they are using in Wordpress.

I would also like them to be automatically logged into Xenforo Forum.

I am currently using Digital Access Pass to register the user with the forum and auto log them into the forum.

I don't need all of the extra features of DAP because Woo Commerce handles all the payments and membership creation.

I am only using DAP because of the Xenforo integration.

It would be great if you could create a Wordpress plugin that would handle the bridge between Xenforo so I could delete the DAP plugin from the system.

Can you create a plugin like this?

How long would it take you to complete the job?


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Hey @craigbeckta, this is possible and we can get it done for you within 7 days as well. If you're interested to get this done as custom extension you can start a private conversation with us for further details.