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Hey guys, I need some modifications done to this add-on:

I've spoken to the original developer of the add-on and he is fine with me making the changes and seems to think they would be simple to do, but he doesn't have the time to do them.

I'd like to find a developer that has good references and lots of solid experience with wordpress and Xenforo. I pay well... Please apply with references and work examples!




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Here's a quick list of the modifications I would like to make:

1. A new post creation in Wordpress creates a new thread in an Xenforo forum of my choice. Meaning, I can choose between forum 1 and forum 2 when creating the post in wordpress.

3. The thread created in Xenforo is shown to be posted by the user that is logged into Xenforo when the wordpress post is created. In other words, I have 5 or 6 different "authors" that create wordpress posts. When these posts are published, I want them to be published to Xenforo under their usernames.

4. When viewing a post on Wordpress, comments are not displayed. Instead, there is a simple link such as, "Comments (23)" that links to the thread in Xenforo.

5. When viewing a thread created in Wordpress from Xenforo, an Excerpt of the post is displayed along with a link back to the Wordpress post such as, "To read the rest of this entry, click here."


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Most of this is already done with the plugin.

1. Done through categories. In the admin panel for the script, place the forum ID next to the category.

3. Included

4. A WordPress theme change.

5. This is a change in one file, changing a line. You could do this in a text editor.