Woot! Pricing and Release info :D

John L.

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Sounds like a good deal for me. I am going to be using this for my community forum for a software I'm developing with a friend. This will give a great opportunity to get used to this software!


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holy cow. no vb4 converter at launch. now that would be nightmarish. :(
Chances are they plan to do the most needed converters during the BETA period, which seems logical, because converting on BETA software seems haphazard.

At least thats what I'm assuming their plan is. 


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Fantastic :D

I wonder if there's any way we could have an installation of VB running so that we could convert phpBB3 > VB > XF


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haha. with 10 days remaining, i hope you guys think about the 'most disgruntled' vB users! :)

i am hoping for the best. cheers.


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There is a vBulletin 3.7/3.8 importer. Support for other versions and other software is likely to appear in the future, but that would be demand driven.
Then we can just convert whatever we have to bulletin 3.x that has a great converter and then to xf =)


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I love these prices... we're talking early adopters sale of ~£65 and a standard sale of ~£90. Can't argue with them prices.


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XenFans is having a service to convert from vB 4 to XenForo 1 or from IPB to XenForo 1.
cool. if i fail in my own trials, i would hire XenFans. i hope the prices are not going to be steep. if XenFans can manage vbseo > vb > XF links as well, it would be great.

A question for developers... Would Twitter be supported as an authentication mode at launch of Beta1?

Updated: Looks like I am having a bad day. Fixed the typos!


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Time to start moving extra cash to my slush account for some October purchases.

Now if only we could convince the guys to offer a trade-in discount for IPB & vB licenses. :D


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I've been sat at home for the past fortnight after recovering from a small op, constantly looking for an announcement about the eta and today is my first day back at work and I missed it, blast it.

What's worse is I was told to be off another couple of weeks at least and I decided I'd had enough sitting around home all day and took it upon myself to come back today so I can't even blame the NHS for missing it.