Wireless Adaptor Troubles


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I have a Belkin Surf+ wireless adaptor which I purchased today due to my other one going down the pan. I have a problem with it though, and I was hoping someone here may be able to help me. I have searched around on the internet and can't find anybody else with my issue.

I use windows 7 64 bit, adaptor has a compatible with windows 7 logo on the box.

I installed the software that came with the adaptor.
When prompted, plugged in the adaptor.
Installation finished with no problems.
Computer Reboot.
Upon reboot green light appears on the adaptor, but no way to connect to the internet. Windows doesn't recognise it in the connection manager and as thus it does not work. Running a trouble shoot says the driver might not be installed correctly. Removed install, tried again, same issue.

The belkin adaptor is a Surf+ one and the part number is f7d2101ed

If anybody can help, it would be much appreciated! I know nothing at all about hardware of any sort!


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I installed the software that came with the adaptor.
Included driver software is 3-6 months out of date when the product ships, and they use those CDs until they run out, so you may be trying to use a 2-3 year old driver. I suggest downloading the newest driver from their website.