XF 1.5 Home Page creation troubles

Hello, I'm having some troubles creating a home page for my forum. I've searched the last week without any answer that could help me.

I know how to make a custom page (theforum.com/forums/pages/mypage/), But there is still a wrapper. I'm trying to have the page with Header and Footer only.

I will use some nginx url rewrite to make the page appear as the main page.

Thanks in advance,


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You don't need rewrite rules - just set the Index Page Route in the options to the page URL.

The add-on enables a focused home tab, which otherwise won't be possible.


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Ah yes, in that case you will need rules.

However, if you never intend to install anything in the domain root, you could consider moving the XF installation there.
I think I'll do that. But is there any ways to change the path of a page ? for example to get myforum.com/help pointing to myforum.com/pages/help ?


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It's possible but why would you want to change the default help route to a page?

Why not just create a custom help page, or just use a page?
It is not really for a help page, but for some utils pages etc. It could be really useful to have myforums.com/games instead of myforums.com/pages/games