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Hey all, looking for a recommendation, I have a really good Linux VPS host that I use for reselling for small client web sites. For an upcoming project I need one that can host Windows/MSSQL in a VPS environment, any recommendations on a good provider? On the linux side I use CPanel/WHS, and I'm looking for something similar on a Windows Server.

Thanks in advance!


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Ouch I know windows licensing comes into play but $100 a month for a 764MB RAM 40GB Storage VPS is a little high in my opinion...

What is even more amazing though is an equally spec'd linux box costs the same :S...
Oops, Look for Bobby, mention me, he might give you a discount - I don't use them anymore - cancelled my account yesterday.

Fred Sherman

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I used SolarVPS ( once upon a time. It was good value for the cost. Its a little more than some, but offeres more bandwidth a memory that most competition for the same cost.
But the best thing I can say is their communications is outstanding. I always knew about planned outages well ahead of time and on the rare occasion the outage was unplanned, periodic messages during the outages, a full root cause analysis afterwards and they always invested in infrastructure to keep it from reoccurring. This was many years ago, and they have matured well since.