Add-on Widgets showing articles from specific WordPress categories

Hi there,

I am looking for someone to create three custom widgets for WordPress integration into xenforo and the other way around. The widgets needs to work with [bd] Widget Framework. If there are existing add-ons that can be extended in line with copyrights, please point out and feel free to use them.

In Wordpress we have our articles categorized using the "categories" feature. One article can belong to several categories (e.g. a basketball league, a basketball team).

Widget #1 (Articles from Wordpress categories):
We have forums for different basketball teams or categories (e.g. leagues) on xenforo, likewise those categories exist on wordpress. We now need a mapping mechanism in xenforo or wordpress where we can link those teams/categories with each other. Linking multiple items with one xenforo forum should be possible. The mapping mechanism should not just be file-based, but part of the xenforo or wordpress admin panels. In the mapping we need to see IDs and names/descriptions of the xenforo and wordpress forum/category hierarchies.

Widget #2 (Top articles from Wordpress):
On we always have 3 top articles; they arefeatured with pictures below the navigation bar. These articles should appear in a "top articles" widget in the xenforo sidebar.

Widget #3 (Forum posts in Wordpress)
We already have a custom WordPress add-on that shows the articles from the basketball section on the index page of We need this to be extended so that based on the categories of an article, the relevant forum posts are displayed on a WordPress widget on the article pages. If there are not enough posts (8) younger than 30 days, posts from the next-higher level in the hierarchy should be displayed.

Please consider that the forum and the WordPress run on different domains.

Would be great to have this ready for testing within 3-4 weeks. Preferred payment 20% advance, 30% when testing starts, 50% on go-live.

Looking forward to your questions for clarification in this thread, or financial offers via PM.