Xenforo Articles vs. Wordpress


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I am about to launch a new community. Xenforo will be my forum software, but now that articles are available, I am debating on whether to just load Xenforo in the root and use the article system, or whether I should install Wordpress CMS for creating articles and place xenforo in a /forum folder.

I like the idea of having everything in one platform, my main concern is how well search engines will value articles via wordpress vs. Xenforo.



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If starting fresh, I’d recommend going with Wordpress. It’s a more complicated setup but it’s not yet clear if the article setup for xenforo will be treated as well by google.
I second this. If I had known earlier on, I would have probably used a Wordpress as a frontend. It has all the features necessary for a CMS that XenForo lacks. I just hated the fact that I would have needed to use two separate softwares.


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I started my forum before thinking about this. Have I done a mistake; is it too late to think about having Wordpress on my site? I haven't had the time to publish any articles yet.


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What about the AMS addon?

I'm using that instead of WP and love it.

I know WP is king of publishing, but trying to run a community on there sucks. We're a weird hybrid community/article site tho, so that's just what I liked to do.

Gotta go with what meets YOUR needs.