XF 1.1 Who gets the emails from the "contact us" form?


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I would like to understand who is getting the emails if a users uses the "contact us" form. I do not see a field to add several different email addresse of my moderators in it or any other way that other moderators are getting the email instead of the admin.

I need to use several different email addresses, not only one.

Chris D

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The contact us form sends e-mail to the e-mail address in Admin CP > Options > E-Mail Options > Contact E-Mail

I would recommend one of the following:
  • Change that e-mail address to one accessible by all relevant staff, or a forwarding e-mail address that sends a copy of the e-mail on to multiple addresses
  • Use this add-on: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/contact-thread.197/ It puts all contact forms into a thread. Configure it to a forum that only staff have access to.