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Which WYSIWYG editor do you prefer?


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About 10 minutes ago this crappy editor did the last thing to make me decide to create a free add-on to use a different editor... but which one? Surely there is an editor that just does everything right? no iframes taking forever to load, no consistent bugs, works in opera (not a must as opera is a small group anyway)...

After decided on the editor to use I will work on it in my spare time.

I don't know if this is the right forum for such a question but I'm sure someone will move it if it isn't.


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Be aware that the current editor has had a significant amount of time invested in it, due mainly to various browser bugs and quirks.
Not to mention the level of integration, not only in the core software, but also add-ons.

Integrating a different editor into XenForo will be no small task.


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Yeah I know. However it is time I am willing to spend to make my life easier. Writing things even on here for add-on topics is a pain and takes a large amount of time. And due to the lack of edit history here one mistake can easily ruin everything or one bug. Generally now I don't even use the WYSIWYG and just use bbcode however that can be a pain as well. This is easily the biggest downfall I see for XenForo at the moment since it is used by all users. I do use Opera however and it never gets any loven so some issues are because of that however others frustrate me jsut as much, mainly the iframe crap. It just doesn't make sense, at all, to use an iframe for one input field and a button.


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Well a lot of what is already integrated can be reused. I would be using the same bbcode parser for example. As long as there is a nice editor out there with good documentation this is easily doable for me (unless the JS mind ****s me since I have never been able to understand complex JS systems).

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Well ... lots of people aren't Sold on TinyMCE as the editor.

Lots of people in that thread liked CKeditor.
I think Kier said he thought of CKeditor .. but it had a few show stopping bugs in it - which are now resolved.


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To be fair, the members of 2 forums I run have come off CKE and they all love the Xenforo editor. We had endless copy/paste issues before and its all vanished overnight. I know a lot of people are complaining about it, but to be honest, I'd stick with what you've got. The XF team have done a great job compared to other offerings out there.

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The only actually good wysiwyg editors are the native ones (contenteditable; e.g. vB3 editor) - it's a pity more browsers don't have support.


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Well the issues with this one is the bugs which I can probably avoid a lot of by using chrome for XenForo powered sites. But more frustrating is the iframes. If they could be hacked to use XenForo overlays or even a simple overlay popup then much of the frustrations I have would be gone.


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CKEditor works well when implemented properly... It does have a lot of bloat if you leave all options in it, but they have a nice little CK Compiler app that allows you to pick and choose which features you use (thus eliminating the bloat you don't use)... http://docs.cksource.com/CKEditor_3.x/Developers_Guide/CKPackager

That being said, TinyMCE would be perfectly fine *if* the bugs were fixed... Losing tabs within CODE/PHP blocks on WebKit browsers is the biggest annoyance for me. There are certainly some other screwy things here and there with BBCode parser.