Which phrase to edit for member meta description?


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Google says that the user meta description is too short for quite a few of our members. So the typical format for meta description is like this -

<Username> is a <User Title> at <Forum Name>
I want to add something more descriptive there. Which phrase should I edit?

PS: I've already blocked member profiles using robots.txt; but Google refuses to take down the HTML improvement notice from GWT.

Chris D

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The phrase name is: x_is_a_y_at_z

Who'd have thought it?

The available parameters in that phrase are:

{name} - user's name
{title} - user's title
{location} - board title


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Ha! That'd have been a tough one for me to discover. Thanks a ton, Chris! You're awesome (y). Just added a few words to make it 'longer'. Wondering whether everyone's getting a similar message in GWT (provided you've opened member profiles to Google).