Which Opcode Cache?


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What would people recommend I use as a Opcode Cache?
APC, Xcache or eacclerator?

I'm currently running my site with FastCgi mainly so that all the sites I host run under the sites users and any files uploaded have the correct file ownership.

I've been told that as my site is using FastCGI, not all the opcode cache will work, Is this correct?

Alternatively I could not use FastCgi and run php as the apache user, but how would I then deal with the file upload permissions? I'm not keen on using suPHP as I've been told this will slow my system down even further.


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If your running fastcgi your easiest option to install will be eacclerator. APC can work, though requires a bit more technical knowledge to set up, and xcache is out of the question all together.


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I've been doing a little research into it, and apparently, as the only sites that are hosted on my server are my own, I'm actually better using php as a Apache process, and running them under the apache user, so that I can use any opcode cache.

So that now begs the question, which is best to use?


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I've used both APC and XCache with nginx and php-fpm and both work fine. I didn't see a noticeable difference between the two, so I just use APC since it's supposed to be bundled with PHP 5.4.x at some point in time. Never used eAccelerator but their site has been down for a while now...