Which directory is "root"


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I need files in the xenforo root.
I don't know which one that is.

Is that inside of /public_html
Or maybe /public_html/Libraries ?


Jake Bunce

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In your case the forum root is the same as the web root. public_html/ is a typical name for the web root so that's probably it. I can't know for sure without admin access to your forum.


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Hi - I apologize for my stupidity - I just purchased Xenforo yesterday. I'm having a really difficult time installing a Style I purchased, as well as Post Ratings add-on. I've been trying for hours. Can someone help me figure out where exactly the files are supposed to be placed in the root directory? I am so lost & frustrated. Thank you.

I posted this in another topic as well. Just trying to get as much help as I can. I really like the Xenforo platform, I just can't upload anything! Thank you.


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public_html/ is your root.

Did you upload the contents of the xenforo folder there or did you upload the folder itself?

Maybe post a screenshot of your directory contents?


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Is that last screenshot the full contents (data, images, includes, etc)? What directory is that the contents of? There should be some other files, index.php, admin.php, etc in there.