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Hi all! Thanks in advance.

I have an issue with the URLs.
I'm wondering if there is a solution.

We have a WordPress website on the domain with xenForo installed.
We currently have the forum installed in a folder called "forum" in the public_html folder.
The forum resides here: example.com/forum

The problem is that the url is funky.
Why is the second "forums" required (see below)?

Is there a way to delete "forums" from the url path?
Or is there a way to delete "forum" from the url path?

Current Forum URL Issue
Desired Forum URL Fix

Even here on Xenforo.com - I notice their work around was to name their application folder "community" rather than "forum."
That way the url displays: xenforo.com/community/forums

Then when you click on a forum you get:

In this example, how could it become xenforo.com/forums/announcements/
Possible or impossible?

The /community seems unnecessary.
In my case, the /forum seems unnecessary.

I noticed on BigSoccer.com that they were able to pull it off:
But that being said - they do not have a website in their root folder (when you visit their domain, it goes directly to the forum).
It looks like they installed the xenForo directly into the Root as when you visit BigSoccer.com it goes straight to the forum.

Super excited with the product thus far. Thanks everyone.
Let me know if this is a duplicate thread - I searched the forums extensively.
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