XF 2.2 Xenforo in a server directory but Portal home page in root


Hello. My server has Xenforo installed in the /forum physical directory, with the index.php in the root directory that just redirects with 301 to /forum. Friendly URLs are active and working fine, the .htaccess under /forum is correctly configured. So far, so good.

I now bought a Xenforo Portal Plugin, which I would like to be my home page, so that when I browse my website I see the Portal plugin first, while the rest of the Xenforo platform (forum and resources) are still accessed via /forum. I thought that all I needed to do was to remove the current root index.php that performs the redirect and add a RewriteRule in the root .htaccess:
RewriteRule ^(/|index\.php)$ /forum/index.php?portal [NC,L]
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. The rule is rewritten to Xenforo, but the route is not recognized since I get an Error Page contained in my Xenforo template.

Does anybody have any clue? Is this even possible?

If you are using a portal add-on, move the installation to the domain root and set the index page in the ACP to the portal.

The forums will automatically be at /forums.
I wished I could have done this without moving /forum... Should I need to find an alternative to the Portal plugin one day (let's say, a Wordpress) I would need to move everything back again...
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