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Where do you recommend I get help?

Questions: Where do you recommend I look for programmers to do the things below? Are there some basic tips you would recommend for a novice looking to hire a programmer to work on xenforo? Any security risks?

I have recently installed xenforo in my new website. I am new at this, and have no programming skills. I need some help with 2 things, and they don’t necessarily have to be done by the same person.

1) Chat. Modify some existing chat software (arrowchat for example) to allow members to pull up a list of all the other member who have chat turned on, select someone and invite them to chat. In addition to the user name, the list of members needs to show certain attributes like age, country, native language, etc. The list must be sortable by those attributes. This is not a dating site, but I have seen similar set-ups there.

2) Thai mouse-over dictionary with statistics. There is some information here on how to do this for an individual: http://womenlearnthai.com/index.php/re-introducing-fltr-the-thai-text-reader/. I would like the program to remember which words each member has specified as “known” so that this information will benefit them the next time they use the program. I would eventually like to expand this to other languages.