XF 1.5 When searching, what is the default sort order of results?


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When doing a search, what is the default sort order of the results?

Example: https://aliensoup.com/search/1/?q=frankenstein&o=relevance

When doing that search for "Frankenstein" I would expect that the thread created today with the word "frankenstein" in the thread title would appear first but instead I get older XF Gallery results first.

Is there an option to change the search results order?

Environment: XF 1.5.2 with ES 1.1.2

Chris D

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The default order is "relevance", if Enhanced Search is installed.

So it should be returning results which ES believe are the most relevant to your search. Otherwise the default order would be "most recent".


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I would note that you can enable date-weighted relevance as an option for Enhanced Search. You'll need to setup a script in Elasticsearch (or enable dynamic scripting). That may give you better results.