What's the unfurl snippet length max?


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What's the character limit for when the unfurl process grabs the meta description? I noticed today that somebody linked to https://www.dpreview.com/articles/3175058961/hands-on-with-the-ricoh-gr-iii and the 'unfurl' snippet cut off the last word of the meta description.

<meta name="description" content="The Ricoh GR series has long been a favorite of street photographers, and the latest iteration - the GR III - brings a new sensor, redesigned lens, in-body stabilization and on-sensor phase detection. We spent some time with a pre-production model in London and have some initial impressions to share.">

Are we able to bump up the snippet length? 🤔

Chris D

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It's done in the bb_code_tag_url_unfurl template, to hard coded values:
<div class="contentRow-snippet js-unfurl-desc">{{ snippet($result.description, $simple ? 50 : 300) }}</div>