Duplicate Article Snippet Length


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Affected version
2.2.6 patch 2
Article Snippet Length:
The maximum number of characters to display when viewing this forum. Use 0 to display the entire content.

I use preview mode. I had mine at 500 but tested at 0. The result was, boxes with images in them did not show entire content and still had a read more link. Boxes with no image showed the entire text creating huge boxes vertically. I don't think this "mixed" result is intended, only affecting non-image boxes.
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Can you post a preview of what you are seeing because I think it fixed it for me.
.message--articlePreview .articlePreview-image+.articlePreview-text .bbWrapper { position: relative; max-height: 13em; overflow: scroll; }
Thats the code thats responsible for it and I just increased the max height
To reproduce simply use Preview mode in a forum with long articles, and some have article images some don't. Set the snippet length to 0 for entire content. Entire content is only shown in those w/o images. Those w/images are snipped near the default number.
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PS. It's not just 0. Any high number, like 1500 and the articles with images are snipped way lower, like the XF default (300-400?).
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