What would you use for articles?


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I have a need for an articles section and have been going back and forth between wanting to create a category and sections for the articles (and use xenporta to shoot them to the main page) vs using the resource manager.

Is there an actual cms-like mod that i'm overlooking?

The site is Linux.org and i'm contemplating using xenforo for its core instead of the custom written site that is there now. As you can see there are tons of articles, some tutorials, and most of the articles are linked into different sections (like shell, security, etc..).


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Looking at the images on the addon, I'd say that if there's no image it shows an excerpt - but don't take my word for that :D


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Thanks! I saw this, but a lot of our articles don't have images associated with them. I could go through and add images to each one and make sure they had images going forward..
There's an option to have a default image per category set up by admin, if the author does not provide one (I think).