What would some benefits be?


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So I am debating between XenForo and MyBB for my gaming forum.

I already love XenForo but I can't really afford a license so I cam considering MyBB.

What would some benefits be specifically for a gaming forum running on XenForo instead of MyBB?
I would pefer XenForo, as I love it but as I said I can't really afford it. If I can get some good solid reasons the specifically for a gaming forum I will benefit I can possibly justify spending the money now if I work some things out.


Adam Howard

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  • Stable
  • Secure
  • * Fast
  • * Uses so little resources, even with a bunch of mods; I have well over 20 (see memory foot print on mine: link )
  • Quick & friendly support
  • Active community
  • User friendly

* Will help lower long term hosting cost & resources


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What exactly do you need for a gaming forum though? One of my friends runs a forum that discusses gaming, but its needs are no different than other forums. It is lower in traffic, and many use their "Gamer Cards" to show their stats, in their signatures. If there are additional features you need, I'd suggest carefully looking over the plugins or addons for both, and seeing what is available that fits your needs.


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the idea of a community to me seems the same either you want to create a gaming community or debating community. The first reason why you want to use xf simply because is user friendly. Your users would be able to receive alerts when someone quote them or likes their posts. The points system is excellent it calculate posts, likes, years... for more info visit Have You Seen...?


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Check out the reports from admins who have switched. The user participation goes UP!

People just love it because it's so intuitive and easy to do things.
A prime example is how your avatar is already there by the Quick Reply box at the bottom. It looks as if you're already part of the thread when you're only reading it. The psych effect is powerful.
The way alerts draw you in ...

I warn you XF is addictive. You have to make an effort to do anything else as it grows on you! especially in your own community.
Ive used about four different systems and never seen any other with the effect of XF.

Then there are all the amazing addons appearing.
Not that I am uncritical. There are some secondary things I'd like to be part of the core, not as addons.
But there too XF is helpful. Integrating addons is much easier. Then when you have to upgrade the system helps you by listing exactly which templates you need to check through to get your addons working OK. If you can learn to make some additional templaters of your own to store the extra bits even this isn't necessary.

Oh and designing themes is really easy. The admincp has lists for all the components so you can change them.

Adam Howard

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I know all that. :) I already run an active XenForo powered forum but I am looking for gaming niche specific reasons.
My community has done a lot of moving....

phpbb / with WordPress bridge
vBulletin (again)
XenForo (again)

Guess which one out of those saw the most traffic, highest SEO rating, used the least resources, and produced the least confusion among members (less questions asking how to do or use something) ?

Answer: XenForo

(For those who wonder, vBulletin came in 2nd).

Your theme of your site could be about games, politics, or just general chat. Those things will and do matter, no matter what.

But if you want some extra "game" thing... XenForo Arcade is in development (current beta) and there is 2 (3?) Stream Modifications. I can also suggest a few skins as well.