What web host do you use?

I am currently using BlueWho, but I have been seeing better deals, so I may switch. What do you use or recommend?

My plan currently is $20 a month for 2GB storage and 60GB transfer and unlimited domains.


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SINGHOST.NET $15SGD a month, 20GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP (its a shared package).

they have great 中文/English tech support and what not.


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Eukhost <http://eukhost.com >

I have one of their Cloud Hosting plans, which are about $50/month, plus another $20/month for more Ram and CPU.

Top quality service and great support. Have been with them for a year and a half.


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Incredibly spoiled, roomate is a linux clustering expert.

Transparently scaled Mysql DB; lock-based and load balanced. Been doing pretty much whatever crazy thing I can come up with and the infrastructure has always been overkill.

It would be nifty to have a wordpress.com hosting situation with Xenforo where the smaller sites can just plop on an already provided service by XF. Easier to enter the field for the guys starting out.


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joe's datacenters. I just got the server a few days ago. It's an unmanged service but they were quick to respond when I screwed up while configuring the server and needed an OS reload. You'll find quite a lot of good reviews. It's for people that are on a very tight budget but need dedicated servers.