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  • Also, and sorry for spamming your page but I couldn't get it all in: Its a gaming site...but it isn't your usual one. We put a little spin on it, and I don't plan on it getting very large. But you're welcomed to come hang out with us when we go public in the next couple of days (we missed Friday..flu/other bad stuff happened). I'll drop you a link
    You have not begun to understand my preferences for anime/gaming! xD You're talking to the guy that was reading Lucky Star manga fresh from Japan and speed runs Mega Man 9 when he gets bored. I'm also a sucker for Ikaruga on hard...which I play on my Dreamcast that I've owned since 9/9/99...which is hooked up to a 21 inch CRT monitor via VGA adapter ^^.
    Just ordered my XF license with an e-check. The 3-5 day wait time is going to be painful!
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