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What to say to expired members?


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Is there a way to post a message or redirect an expired member to a special page when they try to log in, but are no longer an active member? I am going to be using Xenforo for a private paid site and when a persons membership expires, I want to be able to tell them why they can no longer login and redirect them to the membership sales page. What is the best way to do this?


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Create multiple user groups. Only user group A (paid) can view the forums - you can set this in node permissions/user permissions.
User group B (unpaid) should see a notice (that's not dismissible) that informs them they will not be able to do anything until they pay.
You can ALSO use some xen:if *insert template hook* coding to create a custom message on the forum node. It would only display to that group

This is also helpful


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It would be good feature to be able to redirect members of a user group to a specific page node upon login. Not sure how to do this in the control panel or if this is addon territory?