What text is interpreted in the QUOTE string?

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I am on a forum powered by xenForo. One of the BB tags we can use in posts is

The general format for this includes a title, for example this

is rendered like this

Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.22.02.png

But I can also include a more sophisticated 'title' like this

[QUOTE="AUser, post: 20896, member: 59285"]
which is rendered like this (with an arrow linking to the quoted post)

Screenshot 2017-11-14 11.18.15.png

Are there other variations of interpreted text in the title I can use? Where is this documented? Is it possible to put an arbritrary link into the title, rather than just linking to a post by its ID?

(N.B. Appologies if this is not the right forum for this question, let me know which is.)

Chris D

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Unfortunately technical support is only available to licensed customers directly. Therefore you should pose your question to the site admin who can then either answer it or contact us for further information.

The license holder can also add you to their approved list of forum users if they wish for you to be able to ask questions on their behalf.
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