What should a BB Code Manager do?


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Yes, this is sorta for my own purposes to find features for my add-on but this is honestly a serious question. What should a BB Code Manager do? List your BB Codes and allow you to edit them and nothing else? BBCM takes this one step further by following the XenForo way and allowing PHP Callback, but what else should it do. I've always felt some of the managers I've used have lacked features.

I feel an Import / Export is important, and will be adding it, but what else should it do?


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As long as I can use multiple tokens/variables in the same string then that will do me.

Ideally there would also be the option of adding a button to the editor but I appreciate that is probably too difficult to do.


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I'm looking into the editor and if you want mulyiple options look at how parseTagFlash works.