What percentage do you use for fluid width?


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I use 90% because that's what my first board was set at out of the box, but to me it takes up a ridiculous amount of space on a wide screen. Is that still the norm?


I meant fluid, I'm sorry!


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90% would be a fluid width and not a fixed width. I normally set fixed width at 980px but now that Brogan mentioned 992px I might have to give that a try.

I like fluid width to some extent but when you have a monitor larger then 20" it gets hard to follow text paragraphs and it also makes laying out articles with pictures difficult to work on all monitors and resolutions.


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Uh-oh, wait until Dragonfly sees this thread... ;)
I actually had a hatred for fixed widths but I thought i would develop a fixed width derived from mjps thread and they really aren't that bad. I guess the last time I used it I had to compensate for those 800x600 users that most probably put me off fixed solutions.


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I have always designed fluid styles, due to the many different width monitors, and varying resolutions.
That said, my new forum is fixed, set at 980 I believe.