What is the best program ftp ?

Adam Howard

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Filezilla or CoreFTP

I prefer Filezilla (using it on Ubuntu, but there is a Windows & Apple version too)


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Tried most of 'em, liked SmartFTP the most.

Edit: FileZilla is free @ everyone who's suggesting it...


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Why do you want a paid ftp client when there's a bunch of free ones?

If you want free then WinSCP is worth a look, especially if you use SSH as it nicely links to PuTTY (also free).

I did use FileZilla but dumped it after the revelations in this thread that it stores userids and passwords in plain text.


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Use to use CuteFTP, loved the built in editor(back when I used phpBB editing / saving in CuteFTP was a breeze.

Now FileZilla, it gets the job done, and it's free.


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Indeed and I never did store passwords anyway. However I still prefer to use more secure software plus the integration with PuTTY makes WinSCP a better option.
You do know that PuTTY is in the background of FileZilla, right? I see it referenced in the patch notes lately.